Sunday, September 24, 2006

preaching the gospel

Well, I am back. I still don't know what I am doing. But I learn fast for an old duck. The bottom picture is a photo of me outside a church in north Florida about 30 years ago when I was a young preacher.

Just above that picture is me in a pulpit of a church in Huntington,WV about 25 years ago. I did a lot of traveling in those days. all over the USA and many countries of the world, preaching and encouraging, and sharing the mission work done in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. I left doing this about 1990 and worked full time in the transportation industry while preaching some at my home church in Georgia and others.

In January 2005 I retired from my secular employment, and now, God has given me in a writing ministry, of which samples will appear here, D.V.. Also,He has graciously opened some doors recently for me again to be in a traveling pulpit ministry from time to time. Like Willie Nelson; "On the Road Again", at least sometimes.

As you can see by the recent picture of me and my wonderful wife of 44 years at the top far left, I am older now. My desire is to serve the Lord diligently the remainder of my days, and be an encouragement to my four children, and eleven grandchildren they they might "follow on to know the LORD".

Soon, I will have this formatting down, and will endeavor to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and other contemporary things of related interest. Visit my blog again soon, please. Charles Woodruff

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