Wednesday, January 21, 2009



That is exactly what we should not be as preachers of the gospel. If your “one note” is Jesus Christ and Him crucified, then that is easily forgiven, because He is God Almighty, the only Savior of sinners, and King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But I know some preachers who are hung up like a broken record, giving out one note only on some particular doctrine. Doctrine is important. It simply means teaching. It is not enough to go to church and sing, hear preaching, and have a good time rejoicing. We must know the “things surely believed among us” to be fortified, balanced Christians. Yet, I know some preachers who get hung on one doctrinal truth to the detriment of all others. One preacher, now passed away, could not get up to preach without preaching on the “post tribulation rapture.” I remember another who only preached his particular “landmark” (or Baptist Bride), view of the church. Another was always on Christian unity (with an almost ecumenical slant). I have heard some who always preached on the fullness (or baptism as he called it), of the Holy Spirit. Another on water baptism as a means of salvation (which is totally false). These doctrines, both false and true, are not an end in themselves. Even the so-called doctrines of grace can be a hobby horse. I remember one late friend that someone rightly said “he has made a god out of the doctrine of election!” I am afraid it was true of him. Predestination and election was all he ever preached. Predestination and election, rightly understood and taught, are Bible doctrines, but are not the only Bible doctrines. Brethren, let us endeavor to preach and teach “all the counsel of God”. Let us not be “Johnny one notes” for the sake of the testimony of the gospel. (cw)

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