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Many of you seemed to like them, so I have dug out some more of my old notes. This time it is a combination of notes in my Bibles, and what I call “Sermon Seeds” in an old notebook I kept. Once again, I hope they are helpful. Not all are original, so where possible, I gave credit to the source.  Give me feedback again, please.

Without God- mankind is wretched; mankind is wrong; mankind is wicked. Also, they are depraved; they are deceived; and they are damned.

Blessed are the meek. Meekness is not weakness. (Matthew 5:5; compare with Matthew 11:27-30). The rebel is changed, self will is gone. The example of meekness, as well as mercy is Christ.

Contrasts in Christians: The almost Christian (Acts 26:28). The just barely Christian. (Matthew 26:33, 34). The sold out Christian (totally committed), (Philippians 1:21).

A dear old friend, Will Owings, now with the Lord, gave me this seed thought, along with a story, which I later preached about. The seed was “No empty Tomb? A hopeless people!”

God has a blessing plan. Take His! Beware of anyone else’s!
Christ Jesus- Preach Him! Praise Him! Please Him! Prepare to meet Him!                                
Make your calling and election sure. See 2 Peter 2:10; 1 Thessalonians 1:4. You can be sure!             
            Five Sins That Men Are Guilty Of, But Cannot Commit
1. Doing away with God. (In reality, it cannot be done). 2. Crucifying Jesus afresh. (Neither can this be done).3. Changing God’s word. (It is forever settled in heaven, though often rejected on earth). 4. Keeping souls from salvation (We can hinder, but not successfully, because salvation is of the Lord). 5. Making God a liar (Men can call Him a liar, if they dare, but He is immutable).            
                   The Virgin Mary Preached A Great Sermon                
Not only in The Magnificat in Luke 1:46-55, where she magnified the Lord, but also in John 2:5 where she glorifies her son by saying “Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.”                           

                                     Christ The God-Man
The maker of woman, became a man, made of a woman.
The giver of the law, was born under the law; subject to the law; the only perfect law keeper.
He who knew no sin, became sin for us, in our place.
He who is love, became hated for our sakes. Yes, just as He took Barabbas’ place, He took ours!

                                         King James Version Variations
Jeremiah 34:16 in Cambridge Bibles; “Whom ye had set at liberty at their pleasure.”
Jeremiah 34:16 in Oxford Bibles; “Whom he had set at liberty at their pleasure.”
2 Chronicles 33:19  in Cambridge Bibles “and all his sin, and his trespass.”
2 Chronicles 33:19 in Oxford Bibles “and all his sins, and his trespass.”

Y’all know I love, and use the King James Version; but which variation is correct? I have a facsimile edition of the original 1611 King James Version, and on these two passages it reads the same as the Cambridge edition. My facsimile is published by Zondervan, and not an expensive one, but I am pretty sure an “original” would read the same. But, I guess all Oxfords read the same, and all Cambridges read the same. I have a KJV Old Scofield  Bible (published by Oxford), and it follows the pattern, i.e., just like other Oxfords. I have three Kirkbride Thompson Chain Reference KJVs, and they follow the Oxford reading. I hope I haven’t shocked any KJV only folks. I didn’t bring this up to be controversial. Just looking at my notes and was reminded of this variance. I was saved many years before I even heard of this. The point being, there were a number of changes made in the KJV before 1769, then later our English type went to the Roman type, around 1800. So, if you think you have an unchanged KJV, you don’t!  One question: if you disagree with me; does your King James Version have the Apocrypha? No? Case closed! We do have a trustworthy Bible in the KJV. But, even the translators knew there would be revision, and changes. Just read for yourself The Translators to the Reader; about 17 pages which were in all original King James Bibles, just after the Epistle Dedicatory. It is not in most today, but in my Cambridge Wide Margin KJV, which was given to me as a gift in late 2006, this complete 17 page document is there. I recommend it to your reading. I think they can be obtained separately published by either Oxford or Cambridge; likely through your local bookstore. Is the question of the variances solved? No, and it may never be. But God has honored His word through the ages. He has honored it in English since Wycliffe first published his handwritten partially complete Bibles in the 1380‘s; and since Tyndale published the first New Testament on a press with movable type in 1526 (later it was combined with Miles Coverdale’s work, and others to make a complete Bible). On through with the Great Bible; the Bishops Bible; the Geneva Bible, and several others right up until the King James Version was published 400 years ago in 1611. God has greatly used it, more than any other English version. I believe that it will be used widely until Jesus comes back, no matter how many new ones (good or bad) are published. Those two little variances will not throw us, whether you are partial to the Oxford or the Cambridge. Don‘t major on the minors! Read, teach, preach and believe the word of God! Jesus is coming soon!  (For further study on the KJV 400th anniversary, see A Worthy Celebration here at this  blog by scrolling down until you spot it, or write me for an email copy). God  bless you!

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Marianne said...

Christ Jesus- Preach Him! Praise Him! Please Him! Prepare to meet Him!

Hi Charles, I always love your notes. They show me that God was speaking to your heart as you were seeking him in his word.

It is just my opinion, but I always thought that it doesn't really matter what version of Scripture you are comfortable with. It is Christ who unveils your eyes to the truth of each passage anyway. I like the NIV. Sometimes I check other versions just to see how a particular verse is phrased there to get some more insight.

God bless you again, my friend!


charles said...

Thank you Marianne. I am so glad that these notes help you. I wrote most of them originally long ago. I am glad they still work! Anyway, because I am an old duck, and grew up on KJV, I can't be weaned. It is in my blood. I'd like to be like Bunyan. Spurgeon said Bunyan's blood was "bibline". I do consult other versions some (AMP, ESV, NKJV, Geneva, Tyndale, Wuest). I need all the help I can get! But for everyday use, for me it's KJV. May God bless you.