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                                            (Charles and daughter Kris on Fathers Day--2012)

                                                        A BLOODLESS GOSPEL
A bloodless gospel is a lifeless gospel; if the atonement be denied or frittered away, or put into a secondary place, or obscured, in that proportion the life has gone out of the religion which is professed. (cw)

We know that the world, the flesh and the devil are our enemies. We may have our worst problems with the flesh, though that very flesh may lead us to say “the devil made me do it”. The flesh brings the believer these problems:

1. Indifference= spiritual coldness.
2. Ingratitude= unthankful to God.
3. Inconsistency= unstable in all our ways.
4. Inactivity= Not interested in the things of God.
5. Indecency= Immorality, sin, rebellion.
The remedy can be found in Psalm 3:3, 4 (cw)
                                       REFORMED THEOLOGY--SOLA SCRIPTURA
The Arminian doctrine of election states that God looked into the future and chose those people who were going to choose Him. In Romans 8, the Greek word for foreknew means to ‘to know beforehand’ ‘forelove’ or ‘foreappoint’, not ‘look into the future’. The Arminian absurdly believes that the eternally omniscient God looked into the future to gain knowledge from His creations. No being can choose Christ until He is revealed to himself by the Lord.(cw)

                                                             OUR ESCHATOLOGY
A lot of eschatology, and much of our theology in general, will be straightened out when Christ comes. (cw) “If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself .” (Augustine of Hippo).

                                                              THE PRINTED PAGE
The printed page is a great method of communication. Through this medium words can be preserved that were spoken thousands of years ago. Until the advent of recording discs and tapes, this was the only way we had to preserve the words of men and even the Word of God. It is still a good way, perhaps the best way. Men may forget what you say, but it is easy to verify that which is written. For this reason there is some risk involved in committing what you believe to paper. It will be discussed and remembered. 

Recently a statement regarding "OUR STAND" said "we oppose worldliness, modernism, neo-orthodoxy, neo-evangelicalism, the charismatic movement, ecumenicalism and hyper-Calvinism." Whenever you print something of this nature, people are always going to say you are “too negative.” I realize also that it is not always easy to define those in these categories. A new evangelical, for instance, may be difficult to identify, but our standard is the infallible Word of God, and neo-evangelicalism departs from this. In opposing the charismatic movement we do not mean we “hate” the people involved. I have some dear friends who have been caught up in this unscriptural movement — possibly because their zeal has outrun their knowledge. I pray for them. Let us emulate their zeal, but oppose their errors. We are always striving to be patient.

As for hyper-Calvinism, this may be hard to define. I have been called a hyper-Calvinist myself as a result of my preaching, and articles I have published in Word of Truth, such as  "What Jesus Christ Said About the Sovereignty of God." Yet as J. I. Packer said in his book, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (IVP, 1961), "When you pray for unconverted people, you do so on the assumption that it is in God's power to bring them to faith" (p. 15). Thus, true believers are forced to believe in God's sovereignty, even though they may protest they do not. (cw)

                                                           TRUTH REVEALED 
"At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes." Matthew 11:25
Jesus' words here show us:
To some sinners truth is revealed;
To some it is hidden and concealed. (cw)

                                              WARNING OF UNCHANGING GOSPEL
This is a warning I hope we all take to heart. As people of The Word, we have to ask ourselves how we can really expect to improve on a perfect model?  Cautiously I will say that some new ways of applying the unchanging biblical principles are fine...we need to be able to communicate with 21st Century culture, but we must not abandon the heart of the Gospel and basics of authentic discipleship in the process. (cw)

                                                      WHICH BOOK IS THE TRUTH?
Since most things mankind learns is from books, why would men say that God's book is untrue? The burden of proof is on them, for they are saying some other writings by Bible denying atheists are more true than the Bible. They are actually saying in effect that other books are greater, more accurate, more infallible than the Bible. The Bible claims to be the word of God; accurate; infallible. Put it to the test! (cw)

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