Saturday, March 03, 2007


(16th Century Reformer, Theologian and prolific author. Famous books include "Bondage of the Will" which speaks for itself.)

"We have often said heretofore that the Gospel, properly speaking, is not something written in books, but an oral proclamation, which shall be heard in all the world and shall be cried out freely before all creatures, so that all would have to hear it if they had ears; that is to say, it shall be preached so publicly that to preach it more publicly would be impossible. For the Law, which was of old, and what the prophets preached, was not cried out in all the world before all creatures, but it was preached by the Jews in their synagogues. But the Gospel shall not be thus confined; it shall be preached freely unto all the world." (Sermon on Mark 16:15 Preach the gospel to every creature)

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