Thursday, July 05, 2007


The discontented person thinks everything he doth for God too much, and everything God doth for him too little. The way for a man to be contented is not by raising his estate, but by bringing his heart lower. Whatever trouble a child of God meets with, it is all the hell he shall have. Death begins a wicked man's hell, but it puts an end to a Godly man's hell. A contented spirit is never angry, unless it is with himself for having hard thoughts of God. Shoulds't thou have no evil about thee, who hast so much evil in thee? Thou art not fully sanctified in this life,how then thinkest thou to be fully satisfied? If we have not what we desire, we have more than we deserve -Thomas Watson, 1620-1686.

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Anonymous said...

Good.Thomas Watson is my favorite Puritan. Give us more!