Monday, July 16, 2007


The late South Carolina preacher B. B. Caldwell (1899-1976) tells an interesting story. It seems that once in the midst of study and sermon preparation at home in Greenville SC, he felt a strong need to leave the house and go uptown. As he reached for his hat, Mrs. Caldwell asked him, "Where are you going?" "I don't know. The Holy Ghost said for me to go up to Main Street, and I am going!" "Oh!" she replied.

As he walked up Main Street, he saw a black lady sitting in the sun with some grandchildren. As was his custom he would stop and greet such a humble soul."Good morning, good lady, how are you doing?" "Oh, I is doin' fine!" said she with a big smile. "Well, are you a Christian, are you saved? Do you know the Lord?" Caldwell asked her. "Yes I is, and yes I does," was her dialect reply. "Then, Granny, how long have you been in the way?" "Oh, I guess it's been 40 years or more since de Lord saved me!"

"Good," said Mr. Caldwell. "Now may I ask you a question?" "Oh,
yes!" "Granny, have you ever thought of going back to the world?" She very strongly replied: "Well, sir, the flesh in me might think it, but that is not the true me. I didn't leave nothin' back there to go back for!" She reflected a few minutes and added, "And besides all dat, son, I has done and passed the 'turn-back station.' I am redeemed by His blood and Heaven bound and there is no turning back!"

Then the preacher realized what he had gone to town for. He had
gotten the blessed truth and illustration he needed for the sermon he was preparing. Thanking the good lady and giving a little treat to each of her grandchildren, Brother Caldwell walked on back home to his study! As he recounted the incident to his wife, he felt such consolation in knowing that God leads His dear children along the way and gives them the encouragement they need. May He encourage some reader today! (Your e-mail Encourager)

Many thanks to Wylie Fulton (via Charles Rosson), for this most probably“politically incorrect”, but very encouraging remembrance of Bro.B.B.Caldwell

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